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RAF 2000 Gyroplane for sale

Hi, my baby is up for sale. Only $15,000 USD buys you a well proven, well maintained bright cheerful yellow RAF 2000 gyroplane. Also a spare set of rotor blades and hub bar, enclosed trailer, special tools and other spare parts. Dual controls, so you can get flight training in it.
Vacation in Hawaii, fly this gyro, ship it to the West Coast and tow it to your airport (or fly it there). I have flown this aircraft to all civil airports on all of the Hawaiian Islands. 1000 hours since first flight. Subaru 2.2 liter Legacy engine with new engine accessories, 3 blade Warp Drive Prop, Icom radio, King Transponder, and even a glove box to put your stuff in. I flew it recently.


RAF 200 for sale RAF In Flight
RAF Dash RAF in Flight
Camping Spot Ahead

Why am I selling it? Good question:

1. It first flew in 1997 and I used to give rides to anyone who was interested. Now I weigh more and while I still get a lot of joy flying it, I no longer give rides to passengers in it.
2. I have another airplane to fly which I do take passengers up in (or on) it is called "Breezy".
3. I took money out of my "house building fund" to buy this aircraft kit and now it is time to put some of it back (and build a workshop in the rainforest).
4. I can no longer lift the rotor blades over my head standing on a stepladder, I just can't do that anymore. I am 70 years old this year.

I reccomend that you travel to Hawaii to look at, taxi and fly it before making the decision to buy, because that's what I would do. It doesn't have to be expensive, I have "bought" airline tickets with credit card "miles". I have a spare bedroom in my house and car transportation will be provided. Should you decide to buy, then there are three ways to get it to your airport (or your garage):
1. RO-RO, send it in the trailer aboard a roll on, roll off ship. Pasha Hawaii (415 927 6397) gave me a quote of $1,875 from Honolulu to San Francisco port to port for the trailer with the aircraft in it. Call them yourself to check it out.
2. Container, it will fit in a 20 footer with room to spare and if we cut the roof off and fold the mast down it can go with the trailer too. A 40 footer is just a little more, so if we can find someone to share costs so much the better.
3. Crate, cheapest of all, pull the wheels off, remove the tail feathers and build a crate around it. The box should be: 14 feet long, four feet wide and 5 feet tall and weigh about 1000 pounds. I will need your help building it and there are costs involved. I am moving to another island the numbers are listed below:

Brian Daniel
cell 808 630 5900
Volcano 808 967 8127


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RAF 2000 Gyroplane GTX SE FI

Region: USA - Washington

  • Subaru EJ22 - 2200cc 130 HP Liquid Cooled Gas Engine

  • RAF Composite Aluminum Rotor Blades 30’ x 8 1⁄2”

  • 3- Composite 68” Warp Drive Propeller Ground Adjustable

    $35,000.00 or Best Offer

    Contact: Jennifer Hawkins
    360) 748-4207
RAF for sale
RAF side view RAF Engine
RAF dash RAF Tail
RAF Blades RAF Stabilizer
RAF Mast RAF Landing gear


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Region: Italy - Solimbergo / Europe.The Gyro is in Perfect Condition. Subaru EJ22 , 16 V , Many Parts New. Horizontal Stabilizer , 2 Rotor heads and 2 sets of  Rotor blades. Motorservice , Fuel pipe , Fuel pump , Air box - all New. Doors are included. A Trailer for this Gyro is also available. Price: 25.000 €

Contact: Michael Ganser at 00436641540457

RAF 2000 GTX



Region: UK - EnglandThis aircraft is in Immaculate condition, has been hangared since new - Built in May 2000, has been regularly serviced and well maintained. 2 Colour candy metallic paint scheme and recently fitted horizontal with  stabiliser (not shown on pics).Recent Subaru EJ22 engine replacement

Permit to fly until June 2012

Sold complete with radio, transponder and Sat Nav.

Contact: Martyn

Sensible Offers

RAF 2000 for sale
RAF 2000 for sale
RAF 2000 for sale RAF 2000 for sale

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Buy This - Champion Awarded -  RAF 2000 Gyro

Region: USA - Georgia

Professional build assist by Dofin. Award winning gyro with only 34 hours located just outside Atlanta, GA. Hangered and no damage history. Bendix King KT76A Transponder. $30,000 Contact: Lacy Thompson, Jr. (770)482-4836

RAF 2000 for sale
RAF 2000 for sale RAF 2000 for sale
RAF 2000 for sale RAF 2000 for sale

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RAF 2000 GTX SE FI 2.5 GYROPLANE FOR SALE, Factory Build

Region: South Africa - Can ship to anywhere



Model: 2010
TTSN 195 hrs Incident Free
Major 200 hrs service done by Manufacturer on 03/03/2011
First ATF Expr 23.06.2011

Components in Cabin:
Garmin Aera 550 GPS,
Bendix King KY 97 A Radio
2 x Zulu Lightspeed Headsets
Engine Tach
Rotor Tach
Water Temp
Feul Flo Meter
Oil Presure
Hobbs Meter
Volt Meter
Rotor Stabilator Indicator
Fuel Level Indicator
12v Plug / charger
In-cabin Heater

Email Pieter Smith

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